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God sees the value of what happens in the wait - we don’t. We are always in a hurry!

When we consider what Jesus endured on the cross, it gives us confidence that we too can endure.

Every person can run the race marked out for them by identifying the obstacles and taking two steps to overcome them.

4 obstacles in the race: obstacles of indifference, insufficiency, opposition and slow progress

Two ways to overcome obstacles:

  1. Pray your way through obstacles.
  2. Move forward in spite of obstacles.

Every person can run the race God has marked out for them by taking these steps:

  1. Identify the weight that is hindering you
  2. Identify the sin that is entangling you
  3. Acknowledge JESUS is better than whatever opposes you.

A change of perspective will give you the confidence to say to God, “It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by you.

Signs you have found purpose in your work:

  1. You view your work as meaningful spiritual work.
  2. You work to serve and bless others. 
  3. You work with competence.

Transparency is a relational unifier because connection begins when faking ends. The Bible’s promise is that if your heart becomes pure you will receive the most incredible blessing: the real you will know the real Him.

Our strongest weapon against the enemy is a united front. Single or married, we need each other.

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