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Every person should welcome the unleashing of the Holy Spirit into every aspect of their life for these reasons:

  • The Holy Spirit has been unleashed to indwell every believer.
  • The Holy Spirit has been unleashed to empower every believer.

A truly great Church is made up of people who are actively engaged in serving.


Wise, faithful and blessed people live like tomorrow matters.


Financial stress is bad for us physically and spiritually. Money stress is just a symptom of a much greater disease.


Every person should live with less for these reasons:

  1. Living with less can remind us where true peace is found (Luke 12:15, Ecc 4:6)
  2. Living with less can create the margin we need to be generous (Luke 12:18-19)
  3. Living with less can allow us to focus on what matters most (Luke 12:21)

Every person should think twice before saying “everything happens for a reason” for these reasons.


You can ask Jesus for anything and it will be given to you if these five parameters are right.

  1. The purpose must be right.
  2. Your relationships must be right.
  3. Your motives must be right.
  4. Your faith must be right.
  5. Your obedience to God’s will must be right.

"Do not judge" is misused and misapplied to say, "you can’t tell me what I’m doing is wrong." So, what does the Bible really mean by "do not judge"?


No person should say “God won’t give you more than you can handle” for 5 reasons:

  1.  This phrase implies the bad things you experience are from God.
  2.  This phrase takes scripture out of context.
  3.  This phrase leads people to believe God has let them down.
  4.  This phrase perpetuates the lie that we should be able to handle everything ourselves.
  5.  It’s possible God might just give you more than you can handle.

If the love of Christ constrains us - you are not just carrying a briefcase or a backpack or a toolbox or a diaper bag, we are carrying a message of hope that is compelled by love that has radically changed our lives and can dramatically change this world.


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