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Our strongest weapon against the enemy is a united front. Single or married, we need each other.

It is the covenantal commitment that enables married people to become people who love each other.

God is making something clear: You Are in this together. You have a mission you cannot fulfill without each other.

While compatibility, chemistry, commonality is often the focus of relationship considerations, the most important value in relationships/marriage is for each person to be CHRIST CENTERED.

Every person should understand that sexual intimacy was designed to be expressed in marriage.

Commitment is the crucial step that takes a relationship from shallow to deep.

Every person can increase trust in a healthy bonding way.

  1. Avoid prematurely trusting someone you don’t know.
  2. Avoid refusing to trust someone because of past hurt
  3. Work to become a trustworthy person
  4. Always trust the truth

There are three ingredients required to truly know someone: time, talk and togetherness.

Every person can build healthy relationships by understanding the reasons for relational conflict:

  1. Because people are broken.
  2. Because marriage is opposed.
  3. Because conventional dating practices are not physically or emotionally safe.
  4. Because conventional dating practices do not lead to satisfactory partner choices.

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