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The most important part of this text is not Daniel in the lion’s den. It’s actually Daniel’s resilient faith in a God who could save him from anything…including lions.

Wisdom does not put off till tomorrow what God would have you do today.

In order to be resilient disciples of Jesus in a culture that is opposed to Him, we must lean in to Him, lift Him up and let Christ be the one that enacts changes within that culture. This reveals we are trusting in God as our unstoppable force.

Wayne asks another question that is foundational in our quest as humans: How should I live? What decisions should I make? How do I respond to life’s circumstances? How should I live?

We live in digital Babylon that seeks to mute God’s voice. We live in confused Babylon that embraces elective identity.

Am I more like Jesus today than I was at this time last year? 


You may lose sleep this Christmas, but make sure you find Jesus.

When your plan is a mess, you should trust God’s plan to work for the good by saying "I’m your servant, and I’m trusting your word."

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